Scott Tarpley

Former St Louis County police officer, former Green Beret, Graduate of The Tom Rose School, training police single purpose, dual purpose, search and rescue dogs since 2007. Founded Canine Unlimited of Tulsa in 2009 and Canine Unlimited of Ochelata in 2022. We train Police Service dogs, pet dogs, Search and Rescue, private obedience, personal protection and behavior modification!

Andrew Northup

Man of God first. US Army Infantry Veteran. Utilizing the teachings of The Tom Rose school under the tutelage of Master Trainer Scott Tarpley. Founded Kingdom Canine Training in 2023. We train Police Service dogs (single and dual purpose), pet dogs, search and rescue, private obedience, personal protection and behavior modification. Call today, 918-550-0638.

Bonnie Spencer

Hello! My name is Bonnie Spencer. I grew up my whole life around animals! I've owned goats, chickens, horses, cats, dogs, and even pigs at one point. But my heart lives for my dogs and horses! I compete in barrel racing on my horses. My horse's name is Bella and her companion pony's name is Sweet Pea! My doggies names are Stella and Cowboy! They are my whole world! I work full time for a dental management company and part time at Canine Unlimited of Ochelata! I walk the boarding dogs as well as help with the obedience training. I have recently started helping with the protection training as well! I really enjoy taking care of all the dogs at the kennel!! The dog pictured is TikTok, he is in protection training at this time!