Excellent group of trainers! The trainers at Canine Unlimited want the absolute best for the dogs and handlers that they work with. In fact they want to help you as a handler get better that they offer FREE training on Tuesday evenings for LE teams. Scott and his team have a huge heart for the quality of dogs they train. I cannot say enough good things about this organization!

Grant West

If you are looking for a trainer and or a police working dog this is the place to go. Very professional and knowledgeable on what it takes to make a great police K9 team. I have known Scott for a long time he is a straight forward, honest, caring and hard working man. He works great with departments in selecting a dog that will best fit that departments needs.

Regina Boyd

I brought my puppy to Canine Unlimited and got the best return on my investment in my dog. She's now full grown and the most dialed-in obedient dog any of my friends have seen. She has very controlled behavior and does exactly what I need her to do. I'm bringing back two new puppies now for training with obedience and herding!

Robert Deltoya

We had a great experience with Scott! My boyfriend and I just moved in together... with a husky and a tabby cat! Needless to say, our household was under a lot of stress and we had no idea what to do to train the husky to not want to use the cat as a chew toy. One call with Scott put us on the right path, followed by a session that assured us we were going to be able to integrate the pets with some diligence in training the husky. We are very grateful for Scott's help and excited for the day that our two fur babies can coexist peacefully!

Bri Seeley

Scott has trained four dogs for my family, German Shepard, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Belgian Malinois and our Rottweiler. Scott is very polite, motivated and educated in training dogs. He has tackled the issues we had with strong willed breeds. Giving us confidence in ourselves, our dogs are companions, guardians and family members. We board our dogs with him knowing they are safe and well taken care of. We highly recommend Scott.

Jerry Mayfield

The whole crew at torchlight are dedicated to training k9s and their handlers. They train to prepare teams for real world scenarios. They have also started an outstanding pet training program. Travis is a hands on trainer with huge amount of information. He has helped us grow our relationship with our pet dogs to be the best it can be by giving us a plan that worked for us and our dogs. He also went out of his way to find us a breeder to get into some dog sports and is helping us train for dog sports. Torchlight as a whole is a top notch program all around that I would recommend to everyone.

Skylar Hill

Torchlight K9 Pets did an amazing job with our six month old Lab. After only 4 weeks of board and train with Travis our dog was able to be walked on and off leash and follow basic obedient commands. We now have a dog who can now be a part of our family.

I highly recommend Torchlight and Travis if you are needing training for your pet.

Darren Porter

Extremely knowledgeable trainers that are setting the standard for others to imitate.

Travis Lacks

Scott is a great trainer for dogs and people. You will learn a lot of him. Great man

Joanie B

Great company to work with. Very great instruction and advice. Dogs are great as well.

Paul Bradshaw

Very impressed! Knowledgeable and professional

Brian Hinshaw

Awesome staff, excellent dogs!

Matt Ross

Professional, complete package K9 trainers!

Alesha Brandt

Canine Unlimited is the best.

Laura Mcafee

Such beautiful dogs

Amanda Dickerson

Corey Murrison

Keith Applegate

Jamie Terry

Hugh Janus

Bradley and Alicia Pirpich PIRPICH

Kayla Barth

J.L. Cropper

Pat Dolan